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Discover the many uses of Advisor®Care…

Advisor®Care Uses

  •  Market Intelligence
  •  Market Trends
  •  Competitive Analysis
  •  Product Concept Testing
  •  Pricing Analysis
  •  Advertising Campaign Analysis
  •  Brand Concept Testing
  •  Sales Team Optimization
  •  Customer Satisfaction
  •  Event Planning
  •  Human Resources

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Advisor® Care's flexible, integrated systems are designed to fulfill a wide array of research applications, allowing you to develop sophisticated strategies and make empowered decisions in every area of your business.

Market Intelligence

Appraise your standing in the marketplace and get a clear picture of your audience and competitors. With a thorough analysis of customer opinions and market conditions, you gain critical insight into new opportunities and better understand the full potential of your business.

Market Trends

Generate hard data on the major issues and trends that influence your industry, without relying on speculation and rumor. By analyzing the state of the marketplace – and anticipating where it is headed – you can make the right decisions for the growth of you business.

Competitive Analysis

Understand the competition through the eyes of your audience. By keeping tabs on your competitors, you can assess your strengths and weaknesses and develop aggressive strategies to stay ahead of the field.

Product Concept Testing

From cutting edge technological advances to minor packaging and design adjustments, changes to your product line can have far-reaching ramifications for your business. Evaluate new concepts with in-depth opinion analysis, and bring the best possible product to market.

Pricing Analysis

In a competitive marketplace, pricing is often the biggest influencer of success and failure. By understanding what a customer is willing to pay for your product or service, you can arrive at the perfect balance between sales quantity and cost.

Advertising Campaign Analysis

After 20 years in the industry, we understand the importance of testing an advertising campaign prior to implementation. Before committing valuable time and resources, reach out to your target audience and ensure that your advertising will generate the impact you want.

Brand Concept Testing

As one of your company's most valuable assets, a strong brand needs endurance and appeal. Before expending precious brand equity on a new concept, vet your ideas with customers, industry professionals, and experts using Advisor®, and create the right image for your business.

Sales Team Optimization

A motivated, well-trained sales force can be your company’s most profitable asset. Gather feedback from your sales organization with Advisor®Care to guide training and development, assess your team’s needs and manage goals and expectations. With real-time communication, you reduce turnover and optimize performance.   

Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining customer satisfaction is crucial to your success. Advisor® allows you to manage, analyze and communicate customer feedback with efficient automatic systems, so you can optimize product offerings, uncover areas for growth and make important adjustments to keep your customers happy.

Event Planning

After weeks or months of planning an event, your top priority is to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. In the meantime, let Advisor®Care take care of monitoring the details. Collect opinion data, measure your success and find ways to improve in the future with simple online surveys before, during or after an event. 

Human Resources

Manage and support your current and future employees with satisfaction surveys, evaluations, an online suggestion box, exit surveys and benefits surveys. Use their valuable feedback to build a successful team.

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