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AdvisorCare Research Services

Research Assistance

Advisor®Care Research Services

  • Question Development
  • Respondent Recruitment
  • Immediate Response Alerts
  • Formal Report
  • Online Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • One-on-One Interviews

From respondent recruitment to the presentation of results, Advisor®Care provides a team of marketing research and communication specialists to direct the development and execution of every stage of your survey project.

Question Development

Based on your goals, we perform an initial review of your questions from an online survey and research perspective, then make modifications for optimal clarity and functionality. After programming, our communications specialists review again and edit for a polished sound and feel.

Respondent Recruitment

We help you focus in on the right audience for your survey, then attract, screen and select respondents. Depending on the project, we can determine amounts for and deliver incentives, or assemble a panel of experts to answer critical questions you come across in development.

Immediate Response Alerts

With real-time data collection, Advisor® sends alerts to your designated team members when results arrive. Alerts are emailed within minutes of a completed survey, and can be set to trigger when certain responses are given, so you can track results in areas of importance.

Formal Report

Once the survey is complete, make an impact with a professional, in depth report detailing your findings. Our team draws on 20 years' experience to analyze your research data and provide a report including demographics, statistical analysis and conclusions.

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