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With self-directed survey tools, you're in control of your project's development. Advisor's intuitive, flexible system makes survey programming a point-and-click endeavor, and anytime access allows you to manage your project and view results whenever you need.

It's simple, intuitive, and fast!

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Advisor® Features

Easy-to-Use Interface

To build your survey, simply choose a question type, insert your copy and save. Your surveys are stored and organized in your secure account, making it easy to go back to modify questions. Clear step-by-step directions guide you through the entire process.

Wide Range of Question Types

Multiple question types allow you to solicit responses in the way that best suits your needs. Or, come at the same question from several different angles for a more complete response.


Advanced Skip Logic

With Advisor’s easy-to-use skip logic settings, respondents only see questions that pertain to them. You create rules that guide respondents through your survey based on their answers to certain questions, selectively avoiding any unnecessary steps.

Look Smart and Professional

Make your survey an extension of your brand. Import your logos and colors and incorporate them into the survey design. Advisor's professional look and feel represents your company in a sophisticated light, and lets respondents know that you value their input.


Flexible Invitation Management

Save time by automatically populating your respondent lists in Advisor®. Import respondents via email list or Excel spreadsheet, weed out invalid addresses and get your invitations out fast.

Real-Time Survey Results

Survey results are reported the moment they're submitted, so you can track responses as data accumulates. With around-the-clock online access, you can view reports anywhere, any time.


Filtering and Cross Tabulation

Advisor’s data organization systems make effortless work of sorting and locating information, allowing you to filter results by the characteristics of respondents, or easily compare different groups with a built-in cross tabulation feature. By understanding responses across demographics, you gain new insight into your target audience.

Statistical Analysis

Advisor's powerful information processing capabilities organize your raw data into meaningful statistical measurements. Simple, automatic tools for indexing, averaging and weighting perform advanced data interpretation with a click of the mouse, so it's easy to make sense of your results.


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